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Welcome to our blog-The Fisherman's Wife!

Let us carry you away with stories of the Ozarks and its history-all showcasing the abounding beauty of Lake Norfork!

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Liars' Corner

Pet Fish

A man was stopped by a game warden, coming off the lake one afternoon. He had a bucket of fish, and the warden asked if he had a fishing license for catching all of those fish.

Man: "No sir. These fish are my pets."

Warden: "Pets??"

Man: "Yes sir. Every evening I take these fish down to the lake and let them swim around awhile. Then, I whistle and they jump back in and we go home."

Warden: "That's a bunch of baloney! Fish can't do that!"

Man: "Sure they can! I'll show you!"

The two men walked back down to the shore, and the man poured the bucket of fish out into the water...and waited. Several minutes went by.

Warden: "Well??

Man: "Well, what?"

Warden: "When are you going to call them back??"

Man: "Call who back??"

Warden: "THE FISH!"

Man: "What fish?"

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